Race: KWPN
Colour: brown
Date of birth: 14.05.2014
Mother: First of April/ Clinton
Father: Kannan/ Voltaire
Size: 170 cm

Price: 1.200 PLN + VAT
Insemination: Fresh semen


A highly talented Zanzibar L is a son of two legendary stallions- Kannan and Clinton. Zanzibar L has very good jumping technique, reflexes and character. His father is Kannan. His offspring are appreciated worldwide for their exceptional talent, great willingness, kind temperament and their ability to react. Kannan has proven an exceptional sire, and on the 2013 WBFSH rankings, he was in second place with 68 representatives, headed by the Olympic gold medallist, Nino des Buissonnets (Narcos II) with over a 1000 points. Other top jumpers by Kannan are Quannan R, Baldo DS, Oh d’Eole, Bridget, Dazzle II and Kismet. The mother of Zanzibar L is First of April, a daughter of Clinton, the son of the legendary Corrado I. Clinton himself was a phenomenon in the international showjumping ring, while in breeding he is perhaps of even greater class.